Turmeric as Pain Reliever?


So I banged my foot against my luggage in the early hours of the morning recently and boy, it sure hurt like crazy 😦 I saw the toe acquire a new position, blatantly separated from the others and then of course there was the resultant swelling, discoloration and the godawful pain. I dunno if it was broken or dislocated. But hurt enough for both combined.

I got myself sticky tape, Symphytum 200 (also referred to as Knitbone as it joins or knits broken bones – always ensure that the bone is set properly before downing this or it will fuse the broken bits all askew and wrong), Arnica 200 (for pain and trauma), Hypericum 200 (for injuries to the nerves) and Rhus Tox because it was siting right there on the counter. Lol. I had these four very frequently and it helped reduce the pain while I hobbled about trying to fit unsuccessfully into tops made for stick insects 😀

I also got a pedicure done that evening and the young man was kind enough to sticky tape my toes together after a nice massage which probably made the pain worse 😀

Then a friend offered me tender raw turmeric root after glancing at my face disapprovingly and repeatedly extolling its virtues for great skin. It didn’t do much for my ego, but wtf. I had it. The turmeric kinda looks like ginger, btw. She said it was a great antioxidant and that I should eat it, driving home the point that I was looking like shit. So I did. She was lovely enough to pack some for me to bring back home urging me not to give up. After nearly punching her in the throat and so feeling like an ugly goblin, I’ve been eating about a 1/2 inch piece twice daily for about 3 days now: I can rest my foot on the floor without wincing too much, the swelling is down and it seems nice. But my skin seems the same, no change. Dang.

Sold the idea to my mom who wants to have some too. Sold her the anti inflammatory side, not the beautification bit. It isn’t the best tasting thing but neither is it overly bad.

Give it a try, just for the heck of it. Turmeric is a great spice, loads of benefits and very popular in India. Do check out its side effects before you start feasting on it indiscriminately, yo.

Here’s to gorgeous skin, inside out and pain relief, while we’re about it.


Blog Reader Blues?


Okay. I know there’s nothing quite so annoying or frustrating as when the medicines/products talked about in a blog are not available in your country. It happens to me all the time 😦 Mouthwatering anti-aging creams, body lotions, hair-care products, lingerie and Dermapen. The list is endless. I could always order it on online but the shipping costs are prohibitive and ergo, off-putting. It’s so dang disappointing. Most crushing is my inability to get hold of a Dermapen because I see endless experiments on myself never seeing the light of day. Oh, well.

I am a firm believer in Ayurveda. I am a firm believer in Homeopathy. I come from a country where both are revered, as are common home remedies passed down through generations. We have long been aware of the curative powers of turmeric and Neem before they became sexy. We couldn’t quite understand what the fuss was all about when the world woke up to the goodness of Ashwagandha and the Arjun bark. I remember my mother putting a pinch of turmeric on minor, fresh wounds; there was no question of Dettol. Headaches were dealt with either balm or steam inhalation.

I live in India. All cures and medicines I talk about are available here. Dechane is an Indian company. I cannot help that 😀 I don’t know how expensive shipping would be, but if you could get hold of the medicines I have been lauding incessantly, they really do work. And have no side-effects. Please, please, please try them for urticaria, menstrual issues, migraine and other health matters.

Next post is on dogs who shed maniacally and how to fix that 🙂