Sore Throat?


I’ve noticed that before my throat becomes achy and awful, I get this mad urge to drink really chilled water. It’s weird how much I crave cold water and hot ginger tea in turns. I’m different.

Anyway, I had a really bad throat: pain, difficulty on swallowing and an odd, uncomfortable feeling. I tried my usual combination of Hypericum 200 with Mercurius 30 but it didn’t make a difference.

So I chewed 4 tablets of Tonsil Aid from Baksons and 2 tablets of Hemoplex from Dechane and held out on drinking water for 15 minutes. I took these 3 times a day for 2 days. Hemoplex is an Ayurvedic combination of Indian herbal drugs recommended in inflammatory and septic conditions. Particularly effective in persistent chronic cases, specially chronic sepsis.

Well, it was quite a combo, because the throat feels better, knock on wood. Give it a go. Order the DeChane meds online, they’re very sincere and will courier stuff for free if you’re buying above 1 grand.

Take care 🙂




Inflamed tonsils are a pain in the wrong place. Dang, do they hurt! With accompanying fever, restlessness and difficulty in swallowing, most people get theirs removed or their folks have them removed, usually in childhood. The jury’s divided on this one: some experts recommend removal and some advise hanging on them.

The standard treatment includes antibiotics to combat infection, warm water gargles and a hawk eye on the diet. Steer clear of cold stuff, preservative laden junk food and anything that aggravates a flare-up.

My post is about homeopathy treating tonsillitis. For good. It is a long-drawn process: the medicines cited here have to be taken in the precise order as stated and for the precise length of time 🙂 Here we go:

Each medicine has to be taken, three times a day, for 2 months in this order: Sulphur 30, Calcarea Carb 30, Thuja 30, Calc -Phos 3x, Merc-Bin-Iod 6x, Calc-Iod 3x, Selenium 200 (single dose, once a week) and Tuberculonium 200 (single dose, once a week).

Also, try gargling with warm milk. Apparently helps with sore throats 🙂

More later, guys 🙂