Tension and Stress


I recently had a spell where I was constantly tossing and turning at night, just couldn’t sleep. Changed beds, rooms, tried sleeping on the couch in a state of near panic as I lay wide awake watching the sunlight streaming in. I started dreading sleep times as I just couldn’t seem to get enough shut eye! That is an awful feeling, a kind of restlessness which gnaws at you and nothing seems to pacify and you feel tired and groggy, minus the grog.

Then at 3 am one morning I remembered I had bought a homeopathic medicine called Alpha – TS (Tension and Stress) from Schwabe a couple of years ago. I mixed about 15 drops in a glass of water and it felt heavenly. I slept till about 11, one of the deepest and most relaxing sleeps I’ve had in a long time and since then use it as an SOS whenever I’m feeling restless and unsettled.

What does it do?

Schwabe Alpha TS is a homeopathic drug that lowers tension and stress without side effects. Contains internationally acknowledged, natural anxiolytic Passiflora. Normalises physiological functions and reduces anxiety. Has sedative and calming effect. Controls depression. Reduces melancholia.

Just thought I’d share this info with people struggling with issues 🙂

Take care, guys.



Insomnia, sleeplessness and counting sheep


I was sleeping perfectly fine till I got entangled in my own web. The net was my undoing. As is for most people 🙂

Till Facebook was limited to my laptop, I was doing good. Now it’s on my phone insidiously eating up my time and sleep and rest and everything else. I’m making a conscious effort to de-addict myself and resisting an urge to check for updates like a maniac. The strange bobbing, pinging heads of Messenger are another pain, though. They pop up like a ghost and invade your privacy. I keep the phone out of the bedroom now. Step 1 of my rehabilitation program 🙂

Not sleeping at all. It’s so tiring. You feel lethargic the whole day. Not cool. There are some things common sense suggests we do or not do just before sleeping. Don’t exercise too late into the night or you are too wound up to sleep. Limit your caffeine. SWITCH OFF ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES an hour before bedtime. Easier said than done, lol. Don’t eat just before sleeping. Near impossible 😀 There are many more such sensible suggestions. The key thing is to follow them.

I am having 2 tablets of Vitesson at night along with the chewed-up Albo Sang. I also have a cup of warm milk to soothe myself  as I lay my weary head on my equally weary pillow (which, by the way, should be changed every six months, according to some reports.)

Vitesson is an ayurvedic drug combination for toning up the nervous system. Nonhabit forming. Tranquillizer without depressive effects.

I’m in. I need my beauty sleep 🙂