Heavy, Irregular Periods


Girls, if you’re suffering from unnaturally heavy periods and you’re feeling your life literally ebbing away please go see a doc. Don’t take these things lightly, please.

But if you believe in Aurvedic meds, there is a medicine available from DeChane called Chiniumco. It fixes heavy bleeding riddled with clots and other scary stuff. I underwent this some years ago and believe me, it scared the bejesus out of me. Standing in a pool of blood or using a bath towel a day and feeling weak and helpless is not fun. I looked it up in my DeChane go-to, found the medicine and in a couple of months my periods had returned to normal. Knock on wood.

And if you’re irregular and have other issues, please look at Brahamdine to gently and safely get you back into your routine. And yes, both can be had together.

Dosage? 2 tabs three times daily for about a month. When your periods are fixed, then ease off Chiniumco. Use it as an SOS for the times you need it.




Heavy periods


My previous post  talked about how Brahamdine fixed my seriously irregular periods. I was contemplating going to the doc when DeChane came to my rescue again 😀 And I have been regular since 2007. Let’s hope it keeps that way.

Did I also mention that when I got my dang period I bled like a stuck pig? Well, I did. I would be standing in pools of blood at times, it was that bad. And scary 😦

My little booklet suggested I try Chiniumco which fixes internal bleeding of, hang on, ANY kind! Not just menstrual:

Profuse bleeding whether in uterine affections or in piles or through the nose or mouth and dysentery.

Painful complaints of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries in females referred to lower abdomen.

I only had the Chiniumco when I was on my period for those 5 days. It reduced the bleeding and brought about a normal flow. My standard DeChane dosage is always 2 tablets three times a day. But I had the medicine initially every month for almost 6 months. Don’t OD on it because it can reduce the flow so much that you can have some spotting a few days later. So I suggest just have it on the days your bleeding is very heavy, like the first two days or so.

Can you have the Brahamdine and Chinumco together? Yes, you can. You can never go wrong with DeChane. Their Ayurvedic medicines have no contradictions (clearly mentioned). Those that do, are clearly specified. And I never consulted any doc before starting the DeChane line of treatment.

Hope this helps 🙂

My son will talk about CU in the next post.