Dog Shedding blues


I know I have posted about a madly shedding dog but what happens when your dog turns into a cussed, obstinate hair shedder, a maniac  that refuses to be coaxed/cajoled/cossetted/threatened into taking its medicines and simply rolls its eyes when you finally accuse it of being a pest instead of a pet. And walks away from all the drama with a sigh, to snore upside down on the couch, leaving a trail of hair-in-the-air.

I needed to find something that would give the dog the goodness minus the chewy bit the other medicines gave. So I poured into her food, along with scrambled eggs, one Menopace capsule, which is a non-HRT formula, multivitamin and multimineral supplement.

I gave her not for the menopausal symptoms, tho they could be helped, the way the dog is acting up 😀 But for the excellent multivitamin support. I empty the contents of 1 capsule into her pellets, mixed with a bit of human food which she promptly gobbles up. The shedding’s stopped dramatically and dog is not walking towards the couch in a high dudgeon tail held high; the mood’s altered too 🙂

To dogs, especially Labs ❤