Heart Related Kennel Cough


I have been struggling with dog’s kennel cough for the last few months and though she seems to be better, she does have a few occasional bouts of very distressing hacking. The vet suggested that it could be due to her heart: she is after all 10 and a bit on the heavy side, and that’s if I’m being charitable and kind. Dog could out eat anyone on this planet. Anyone.

Anyway, the vet suggested some very complicated procedures which not only are expensive but as he put it “may not work”. Well. I checked online and discovered a homeopathy medicine called Spongia Tosta. It is, as the name suggests, toasted marine sponge and is the ace remedy for kennel cough when the old ticker is not ticking too good.

I got her the medicine in the 30th potency, liquid form. I took a 500 mil plastic bottle, filled it with fresh water so that it was 70% full and added about 10 drops of Spongia. Then I shook it, succused it by banging it on the side of my palm or a cushion so that it fizzed gently and gave dog in a new little bowl. She adores the new bowl and will happily sip her medicated water out of it. She has resumed her walks and the coughing spells are rare.

Hope this helps 🙂