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Hey guys, been a long time, yes? I no longer know who I’m writing for: the blog hasn’t had quite the effect I had been hoping for, but hey, shit happens.

I had the viral a few weeks ago, really bad cough and throat. Tried Sporlac but it didn’t cut it. Went the usual cough syrup route but then I ended up using Koflyn tablets from DeChane. These are Ayurvedic sugarless tablets for cough, really effective. I had 6 a day split three times; with these I chewed 2 tabs of Sualin tablets. I did this for about 4 days.To  be honest, I chewed the Koflyns too, I know, so gross! Best expectorant ever. Not exaggerating here.

Try these. Better than any cough syrup.


Probiotics/Lactobacillus for coughs?


So I talked about Koflyn and Meditab, the DeChane cough meds which are super amazing like their other meds are 🙂

But, listen up. Something worked for me last Feb when I had the flu and my cough was driving everyone up the wall, including the dog, who’d escape to the furthest room to get away from the annoying sound 😀

Nothing seemed to calm my cough that night, so in desperation, I popped 2 Sporlac tablets. I chewed them and the taste was chalky but pleasant. The coughing stopped within minutes and did not return. It did not return. There was a mild attack the next day, so I popped Sporlac again.

What is Sporlac? It is Lacto Bacillus (good, happy, healthy bacteria) in a tablet.

Lactic Acid Bacillus in SPORLAC are spore bearing. They are highly stable and survive gastric acidity. They germinate in about 30 minutes of reaching the small intestine and proliferate rapidly by repeated fission, making up about 108/gm of intestinal content.

SPORLAC forms a major part of the normal beneficial microflora of the intestines.

SPORLAC contains Lactic Acid Bacillus which are all Gram positive, anaerobic, microaerophillic or aerotolerant homo fermentative rods. They produce lactic acid, antibiotic like substance,bacteriocin, enzyme lactase etc. They produce abundant lactic acid, whose ratio to the total acid content is higher.

So, Sporlac is essentially a probiotic in a tablet. Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms found in  foods like yogurt and some fermented soy products like miso.   Probiotic therapy has reportedly helped people with IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis etc. For more on probiotics, please refer to the link above.

These probiotics populate your gut with good friendly bacteria needed for ace digestion. If you have recently been on antibiotics, you know that antibiotics kill off all bacteria indiscriminately: the good, the bad and the ugly. If you are on an antibiotic course, you should take probiotics to balance out the bacteria population.

I don’t know what happened that night. May be there was a germ warfare in my throat where the good, friendly lacto bacillus of Sporlac kicked the collective butts of the nasty, cough-causing bacteria in my throat.

I have truly no idea what happened there, except that now every time I feel a bad throat coming on or I start coughing, I quickly reach for my Sporlac. I chew them tablets and my cough goes away. And those tabs are great for my stomach too 😀

There are 2 kinds: ordinary Sporlac and Sporlac DS, which is Double Strength. I keep both around the house. No fuss.

Next entry, urinary tract infections. Not pretty, but painful.

sore throat

Hacking cough


I don’t know about you guys but my cough comes to life when I’m stretched out, blissfully asleep, in the middle of the night. And just doesn’t seem to go away till my husband gets me a drink of water, rubs my back and then is up, while I go back to sleep 😀 He is not thrilled about it but short of smothering me with a pillow, there’s very little he can do.

So, what works for chronic cough and has absolutely no sugar? Koflyn tablets from DeChane. Of course, they do have the syrup as well for kids and others who don’t mind the sugar content.

Acute and chronic cough. Useful as cough sedative and antispasmodic.Useful in various irritant cough.
Extremely effective, you can have 2 tablets 3 times a day or even more, if required. DeChane medicines can be self-prescribed because they have no contraindications and will not have nasty side effects.The other medicine that can be used for a bad cough is Meditab.

Chronic cough. Cough in tuberculosis, chronic asthmatic cough

Note: For acute cough use KOFLYNFor harassing spasmodic cough use DANGINE and DESMA alternatively.
The chest can be massaged with CHESOL or RUBZON.

If you want the medicines to work quicker, have them with warm water. Helps.

Next post, what works in an emergency for me, when I’m hacking at night, which I quite discovered by chance 🙂