Oil for weak, thinning hair


Right, this is something I picked off YouTube posted by some nice guy called Eric who talks about dermaroller/microneedling for receding hairlines here.

And here, Eric tells us how to make his hair oil which has in very exact proportions the following oils: Coconut, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Emu oil, Sweet Almond oil and Castor oil. Eric also sells this oil on Amazon in case you’re too lazy to get around making it 😀

What does this combination do:

This is the best multivitamin for your hair. This combination of fatty acids and all nutrients:

  • kills germs and disinfects, thus treating bacterial, microbial, viral and fungal infections
  • reduces scalp inflammation and itchiness
  • dandruff is caused by too much sebum production or excessive dryness. The antibacterial properties and antioxidants cure dandruff
  • hydrates skin and each hair by controlling water loss in hair and absorbing quickly into each hair follicle
  • increases blood circulation and healthy hair growth cycles promoting stronger and longer hair
  • feeds the hair follicles vital fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to promote faster hair growth


Pour 2 oz of Almond oil, 2 oz of Castor oil, 1 oz of Coconut Oil, 1 oz of Jojoba oil, 1 oz of Emu oil and 1 oz of Vitamin E by using the measuring cup into the empty bottle.

Shake it and apply well. Leave it for at least a couple of hours, or better, overnight and wash off the next day. If you’re comfortable sporting a greasy look, then keep it on for a couple of days 🙂

Please do visit Eric’s website and leave your comments for him if either the oil has worked on its own or in combination with the microneedling 🙂



The Wonders of Entrops


What are the myriad usages for Entrops, an effective bactericidal local antiseptic with analgesic action for local application in ear, nose, throat and gums, apart from what’s stated on the bottle?

Mastitis: Vets have successfully cured mastitis in cattle by local application of Entrops. The injection costs are exorbitant at Rs 6000 a jab. Entrops does the job in about 4 days with just external application.

Hyper-pigmentation and Cystic acne: A few drops of Entrops mixed with Ripanto and applied at night apparently lightens the dark spots and rids the skin of any unsightly bumps and pustules. Eww

Mouthwash and gum paint: Mix in a clean bottle 1 part Chesol and 2 parts Entrops. I mix a bit of oil in my toothpaste and brush twice a day. Amazing clean feeling, no more bleeding gums and firmer gums. Sometimes I take a few drops and mix with water and swirl around like a mouthwash. Don’t swallow. Treat with respect as you would any old mouthwash.

Hope this helps.

Till later 🙂

Hyperpigmentation Treatment


I know I’ve already blogged about hyper-pigmentation but you do learn something new if you keep your eyes (and mind) open and your hearing keen, lol. That’s so cliched! However, the treatment I’m about to mention is anything, but. So give this a listen and a read.

The DeChane chemist, on a recent trip to stock up, took one look at my friend’s face which has a fair amount of pigmentation and suggested a treatment which he claims is being used by an aesthetician with great success. He said, she said, lol, that it has been helping people with cystic acne too.

So what’s one supposed to do? After cleansing your face at night, take a few drops of Entrops which is an ear, nose throat oil. Don’t balk, weird combos do work sometimes! Add to that a little bit of Ripanto, a multi-purpose ointment. Mix them both well and apply to your face. Don’t expect to see a glowing face the next morning; be kinda realistic and give it at least a couple of months 😀 And hey, go easy on the Entrops, just a few drops would do.

My friend tried it for about two months and called me excitedly wondering what could have cleared her face. The things I do for friends 😀

Please give it a try and let me know if it’s helped?

Cheers everyone 🙂

Matchstick water for hiccups


We had no power last night. Like NO power. Some cock-up with the transformer or something. So it was miserably hot, there were mosquitoes, dog was panting like a steam engine and prancing about thinking it was all a game played in pitch darkness and I was making cups of tea, using a candle. Yeah! Back to the cave life! Anyway, to add to all the existing confusion, I got hiccups much to the merriment of the dog who tried to paw me on the chest every time I went hic 😛

I remembered I had posted about matchstick water working on hiccups and decided to put my money where my mouth is. Lol. I took a few sips and yes, the hiccups were gone. No kidding.

My mother has been on that water for about a couple of months or more: she has grown her hair back, her sugar levels seem to have stabilized and she feels better. Is it the water which is working? Seems to be 🙂

Just take 2 matchsticks. Light one and then light the other and quickly douse it in a cup of drinking water. Let the matchstick stay in the cup. Don’t chuck it. Repeat. So now you have 2 burnt matchsticks in your cup. Add two unlit ones, transfer water to a bottle, add more water till it’s 70% filled and shake bottle violently before drinking. Every time. Have it on waking, in the afternoon and at bedtime.

Please do leave comments and like my posts. I am absurdly pleased when that happens 😀

Sauerkraut and Dogs


Just made, for the very first time, a large jar of sauerkraut. Also tossed in some chopped carrots and 5 cloves of crushed garlic. Had no sea salt at hand so I used the normal iodized salt. It turned out absolutely delish! It’s great for your gut; colonizes it with healthy bacteria and keeps them happy, lol. There are numerous health benefits being touted for this probiotic marvel, but the best thing is its taste 😀 I find it tangy, salty, sweetish and a tad acidic and can eat it as a snack. I can eat anything as a snack, I’m a good snacker 😀

Fermented veggies are also good for dogs, I read. Dog loves it and is eating it every time I reach out for the jar which is too many times but I’m hooked. Any effects? Not yet. Side effects? Dog is doing its business with a more purposeful air, lol.

Loads of YT vids and articles on how to. I always thought it to be a complicated process but it couldn’t be easier.

Give it a go and tell me?

Hair fall rescue


My mother has been laid out in bed for over a year now and apart from everything that’s wrong with her, she was experiencing pretty bad hair fall. Now, she’s been a good looking woman all her life and that didn’t sit very kindly with her. I had asked her to start having the matchstick water which she did and has been on it for about 2 months now. Her hair has not only grown back, it has stopped falling out and she is happier. She is also using matchstick infused oil on her hair.

Just thought I’d let you guys know this. The matchstick water recipe has been shared in an earlier post, btw 🙂

Hyper Acidity Help


I have been gone a long time, just really busy busting my ass doing nothing very much in general. Just not into things. Anyway, my mom called me up yesterday to tell me about an outstanding remedy for hyper acidity and general queasiness and an unhappy tummy 🙂

Take in EQUAL quantities: Fenugreek seeds, Carom seeds, called Ajwain in Hindi (they look like a poor cousin of the more fancy oregano, lol), Kalonji or Black Onion seeds and Psyllium husk.  Grind them, without roasting, and store in a bottle, skipping the refrigeration. Have half a tsp every morning on an empty stomach. Have loads of water generally.

Mom’s been singing praises and for her to admit something’s working is a big deal. She says her throat no longer burns and she is feeling a lot better.

Hope this helps.