About me and about me


It’s only when you have to talk about yourself do you realize how there’s nothing really to talk about. When I think about it, I just wonder, am I really so boring? What have I really done? Have I achieved anything worthwhile? Then I look back and see a lot of the positives: relationships I’ve built, friends made, rescued dogs, touched someone’s life. Fallen in and out of love. Gotten drunk. Flirted outrageously. Met some pricks and then, met some really cool guys.

Of course, some things I’m not so proud of and some things I have yet to do. Like travel. Write a book. Meet someone special 🙂 The wish list is endless.

On certain days, hit by giant waves of introspection and some amount of soul searching, I feel like Calvin, lying under the vast night sky looking up at the stars, taking a break from TV commercials.


Except, I’m not six years old and I don’t have a sardonic stuffed tiger. I do have my golden Lab, though, who is more interested in taking cookies off my hands than pondering about anything at all, like my life 😛

Well here I am with my blog hoping to bring to whoever’s kind enough to read, some alternative ways of getting better. Going beyond the glaringly obvious. Trusting your gut. Believing  that there are some honest people out there not lying in ambush to make a quick buck off your gullible ass. And yes, not every alternative therapy is quackery and hokey bullshit. Ooh, yes. No sirree.

I hope to have a lot of fun from this blog 🙂 I hope people come forward and share their cures, experiences, happy stories, sad stories and whatever else they desire. A one way street is never cool. You gotta meet interesting people coming your way and hope your paths intersect.

snapshot (37)

I have a son, my Lab, a love for music, a love for some amount of reading, good movies and an inordinately strong love for four-letter words.




13 thoughts on “About me and about me

  1. Sujitha

    Hi…that was a good blog with exactly what I am facing for the past couple of years…………Lemme check with that Kynotomine and get back..


  2. Anonymous

    Super write up. Very honest there by interesting too! Keep up the good work.
    Hope to add on to it sometime! !And yes you have all it needs to be happy and more over. .your own sweet will! !😎😎😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kartika

    Hello Dr.

    I have completed 24 yrs and i am a flat chested woman.
    Dad has already started looking for a groom and i am not confident at all. Friends and Colleagues make fun of me without even realising how hopeless i feel. please doctor suggest me medicine which can increase just a cup size. you may personally mail me at Kartikahuja9044@gmail.com



    • Hi Kartika, I am not a doctor. But please try having ground methi seeds, 2 tsps a day after any meal, either lunch or dinner. Also, please order ALBOVITA from J&J DeChane. Have 2 teaspoons twice a day with warm milk. Try these two things for at least 2 months. All the best!


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