Cough Help


Hey guys, been a long time, yes? I no longer know who I’m writing for: the blog hasn’t had quite the effect I had been hoping for, but hey, shit happens.

I had the viral a few weeks ago, really bad cough and throat. Tried Sporlac but it didn’t cut it. Went the usual cough syrup route but then I ended up using Koflyn tablets from DeChane. These are Ayurvedic sugarless tablets for cough, really effective. I had 6 a day split three times; with these I chewed 2 tabs of Sualin tablets. I did this for about 4 days.To  be honest, I chewed the Koflyns too, I know, so gross! Best expectorant ever. Not exaggerating here.

Try these. Better than any cough syrup.


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