Bigger breasts, the natural way?


Girls, if you want bigger boobs, it’s absolutely alright 🙂 Never apologize or explain yourself to anyone. You’re not shallow and neither are you an airhead. It’s a personal choice, it’s your choice, remember. Do not allow anyone to bring you down in case you are not mightily endowed up there. Society has  filled our heads about BIG being beautiful but that’s not the case. As long as your breasts are healthy, you’re doing good 🙂 Firm is also good 😛

Do a self-exam periodically like this:

Can our breasts grow naturally at any age? There are many creams, lotions, oils promising results but I have personally never tried any of those. What did happen was this: I had a bad case of IBS and to fix it, I started having powdered fenugreek seeds. I noticed that I was at least one cup size bigger than before and a lot firmer after about a month. I used to have two tsps of powdered fenugreek after my lunch or breakfast with water. And no, after I stopped eating the fenugreek, I haven’t shrunk, lol.

Recently, a young woman, unhappy with her size just mentioned to me how she would like to be bigger.

I asked her to grind together 3 cups fenugreek seeds, 1 cup un-roasted cumin seeds and 2 cups fennel seeds. Store in an airtight bottle. Plastic will do. No need to refrigerate. She has 2 tsps everyday after breakfast/lunch or dinner. No rules here.

This powder also ups your fiber content. If you have ever soaked fenugreek seeds in water, you’d notice how quickly they swell up and become a glutinous mass. That’s some serious fiber, peeps. This powder is also great for your digestive system and as long as you don’t gulp it like there’s no tomorrow, eat it happily. Guys can have it too without growing bigger man boobs, lol.

I also asked her to use homeopathic medicines Sabal Serr 30C and Chimaphila 30C in liquid form:

To prepare the medicine, take a 500 ml mineral water bottle (Kinley, Aquafina, Qua) and empty the bottle so that it’s 70% full. Add about 15 drops of both Sabal 30 and Chimaphila 30 and shake it well.

Have this mixture 3-4 times a day. Before drinking, shake the bottle by hitting it against your palm or a cushion at least 6-10 times, so that the water starts fizzing, apparently increasing the potential of the medicine. When you run out of the mixture, re-make. Chuck the bottle after about a month. 15 days if you’re finicky.

You could make the remedy using Sabal Serrulata Q and Chimaphila Q as well. Q means the mother tincture. Ask the homeopath or at the store, they would know. You don’t have to make it in a bottle. You could always take 10-15 drops of both meds in half a glass of water and have it 3-4 times daily.

Have the homeopathic medicine for a month and not longer, initially. If you feel it doesn’t suit you, then please discontinue. At 30C, both medicines should be safe to consume for a month. My friend has been on it for 2 months and has reported no ill-effects. On the contrary, that young lady is delighted with the results. However, if unsure, consult with a homeopath.

You can also have Sabal Serrulata Q alone four times a day in a little water. Expect results after 3-4 months. Read this interesting article. Sabal apparently also corrects uneven breast size.

My friend has reported she has grown a cup size from a 34B to a 34C. She is fuller and firmer. Says she fills out her bra very nicely indeed and is thrilled with the results 🙂

In my next post I will talk about the bust-enhancing oil that I made for her that she’s been using religiously which has made her skin much smoother and softer.

Take care, all.


8 thoughts on “Bigger breasts, the natural way?

  1. Stellum

    Hello, excellent article thank you. In your opinion, does use of Sabal Serr 30C and Chimaphila 30C work to grow mild tuberous breasts? Breasts that are lacking in mammary growth (under) and are underdeveloped with constriction. Do you think the “bust development oil” will work for tuberous breasts? All I read is that the only SOS for tuberous breasts are 1) surgery or 2) giving up and sucking it up. I’d be very happy to hear your thoughts on this subject.


  2. Riya yadav

    Very beautifully written article 😍 I just want to know that the mixture of sabal serr 30 C and chimaphila 30 C, in 500 ml bottle. Should one mixture be taken 3-4 times or every new mixture 3-4 times ? As about sabal serr Q u mentioned it to be taken new mixture 3-4 times… so i am confused about intake of sabal serr 30c and chimaphila 30c .. please suggest me


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