Cough Help


Hey guys, been a long time, yes? I no longer know who I’m writing for: the blog hasn’t had quite the effect I had been hoping for, but hey, shit happens.

I had the viral a few weeks ago, really bad cough and throat. Tried Sporlac but it didn’t cut it. Went the usual cough syrup route but then I ended up using Koflyn tablets from DeChane. These are Ayurvedic sugarless tablets for cough, really effective. I had 6 a day split three times; with these I chewed 2 tabs of Sualin tablets. I did this for about 4 days.To  be honest, I chewed the Koflyns too, I know, so gross! Best expectorant ever. Not exaggerating here.

Try these. Better than any cough syrup.

Dog Shedding blues


I know I have posted about a madly shedding dog but what happens when your dog turns into a cussed, obstinate hair shedder, a maniac  that refuses to be coaxed/cajoled/cossetted/threatened into taking its medicines and simply rolls its eyes when you finally accuse it of being a pest instead of a pet. And walks away from all the drama with a sigh, to snore upside down on the couch, leaving a trail of hair-in-the-air.

I needed to find something that would give the dog the goodness minus the chewy bit the other medicines gave. So I poured into her food, along with scrambled eggs, one Menopace capsule, which is a non-HRT formula, multivitamin and multimineral supplement.

I gave her not for the menopausal symptoms, tho they could be helped, the way the dog is acting up 😀 But for the excellent multivitamin support. I empty the contents of 1 capsule into her pellets, mixed with a bit of human food which she promptly gobbles up. The shedding’s stopped dramatically and dog is not walking towards the couch in a high dudgeon tail held high; the mood’s altered too 🙂

To dogs, especially Labs ❤

Tension and Stress


I recently had a spell where I was constantly tossing and turning at night, just couldn’t sleep. Changed beds, rooms, tried sleeping on the couch in a state of near panic as I lay wide awake watching the sunlight streaming in. I started dreading sleep times as I just couldn’t seem to get enough shut eye! That is an awful feeling, a kind of restlessness which gnaws at you and nothing seems to pacify and you feel tired and groggy, minus the grog.

Then at 3 am one morning I remembered I had bought a homeopathic medicine called Alpha – TS (Tension and Stress) from Schwabe a couple of years ago. I mixed about 15 drops in a glass of water and it felt heavenly. I slept till about 11, one of the deepest and most relaxing sleeps I’ve had in a long time and since then use it as an SOS whenever I’m feeling restless and unsettled.

What does it do?

Schwabe Alpha TS is a homeopathic drug that lowers tension and stress without side effects. Contains internationally acknowledged, natural anxiolytic Passiflora. Normalises physiological functions and reduces anxiety. Has sedative and calming effect. Controls depression. Reduces melancholia.

Just thought I’d share this info with people struggling with issues 🙂

Take care, guys.


Heavy, Irregular Periods


Girls, if you’re suffering from unnaturally heavy periods and you’re feeling your life literally ebbing away please go see a doc. Don’t take these things lightly, please.

But if you believe in Aurvedic meds, there is a medicine available from DeChane called Chiniumco. It fixes heavy bleeding riddled with clots and other scary stuff. I underwent this some years ago and believe me, it scared the bejesus out of me. Standing in a pool of blood or using a bath towel a day and feeling weak and helpless is not fun. I looked it up in my DeChane go-to, found the medicine and in a couple of months my periods had returned to normal. Knock on wood.

And if you’re irregular and have other issues, please look at Brahamdine to gently and safely get you back into your routine. And yes, both can be had together.

Dosage? 2 tabs three times daily for about a month. When your periods are fixed, then ease off Chiniumco. Use it as an SOS for the times you need it.



Sore Throat?


I’ve noticed that before my throat becomes achy and awful, I get this mad urge to drink really chilled water. It’s weird how much I crave cold water and hot ginger tea in turns. I’m different.

Anyway, I had a really bad throat: pain, difficulty on swallowing and an odd, uncomfortable feeling. I tried my usual combination of Hypericum 200 with Mercurius 30 but it didn’t make a difference.

So I chewed 4 tablets of Tonsil Aid from Baksons and 2 tablets of Hemoplex from Dechane and held out on drinking water for 15 minutes. I took these 3 times a day for 2 days. Hemoplex is an Ayurvedic combination of Indian herbal drugs recommended in inflammatory and septic conditions. Particularly effective in persistent chronic cases, specially chronic sepsis.

Well, it was quite a combo, because the throat feels better, knock on wood. Give it a go. Order the DeChane meds online, they’re very sincere and will courier stuff for free if you’re buying above 1 grand.

Take care 🙂

Turmeric as Pain Reliever?


So I banged my foot against my luggage in the early hours of the morning recently and boy, it sure hurt like crazy 😦 I saw the toe acquire a new position, blatantly separated from the others and then of course there was the resultant swelling, discoloration and the godawful pain. I dunno if it was broken or dislocated. But hurt enough for both combined.

I got myself sticky tape, Symphytum 200 (also referred to as Knitbone as it joins or knits broken bones – always ensure that the bone is set properly before downing this or it will fuse the broken bits all askew and wrong), Arnica 200 (for pain and trauma), Hypericum 200 (for injuries to the nerves) and Rhus Tox because it was siting right there on the counter. Lol. I had these four very frequently and it helped reduce the pain while I hobbled about trying to fit unsuccessfully into tops made for stick insects 😀

I also got a pedicure done that evening and the young man was kind enough to sticky tape my toes together after a nice massage which probably made the pain worse 😀

Then a friend offered me tender raw turmeric root after glancing at my face disapprovingly and repeatedly extolling its virtues for great skin. It didn’t do much for my ego, but wtf. I had it. The turmeric kinda looks like ginger, btw. She said it was a great antioxidant and that I should eat it, driving home the point that I was looking like shit. So I did. She was lovely enough to pack some for me to bring back home urging me not to give up. After nearly punching her in the throat and so feeling like an ugly goblin, I’ve been eating about a 1/2 inch piece twice daily for about 3 days now: I can rest my foot on the floor without wincing too much, the swelling is down and it seems nice. But my skin seems the same, no change. Dang.

Sold the idea to my mom who wants to have some too. Sold her the anti inflammatory side, not the beautification bit. It isn’t the best tasting thing but neither is it overly bad.

Give it a try, just for the heck of it. Turmeric is a great spice, loads of benefits and very popular in India. Do check out its side effects before you start feasting on it indiscriminately, yo.

Here’s to gorgeous skin, inside out and pain relief, while we’re about it.

Heart Related Kennel Cough


I have been struggling with dog’s kennel cough for the last few months and though she seems to be better, she does have a few occasional bouts of very distressing hacking. The vet suggested that it could be due to her heart: she is after all 10 and a bit on the heavy side, and that’s if I’m being charitable and kind. Dog could out eat anyone on this planet. Anyone.

Anyway, the vet suggested some very complicated procedures which not only are expensive but as he put it “may not work”. Well. I checked online and discovered a homeopathy medicine called Spongia Tosta. It is, as the name suggests, toasted marine sponge and is the ace remedy for kennel cough when the old ticker is not ticking too good.

I got her the medicine in the 30th potency, liquid form. I took a 500 mil plastic bottle, filled it with fresh water so that it was 70% full and added about 10 drops of Spongia. Then I shook it, succused it by banging it on the side of my palm or a cushion so that it fizzed gently and gave dog in a new little bowl. She adores the new bowl and will happily sip her medicated water out of it. She has resumed her walks and the coughing spells are rare.

Hope this helps 🙂